Inspired by Nikon Meetup

I couldn’t quite believe it when I got an email in December telling me that I had been selected in the ballot for a place on Nikon’s Birmingham Meetup. Today was the day of the Meetup and I set off with a sense of anticipation of what the morning would have in store. Would everyone have a better camera than me? Would I understand enough of the terminology? Would I get some good shots?

I arrived at the venue – an amazing converted warehouse – and was welcomed in to meet the other attendees. We all stood there a little quiet and unsure until Neil explained what we would be doing, then we were quickly into our groups to get started. My first challenge was working out how to change my camera settings in manual mode (I’ve never strayed beyond Aperture Priority!) but I got some help with that. From there, the morning zipped by as we worked through three scenes and learnt how to use Nikon’s Creative Lighting System. Neil showed us how to set up the speedlights and create a story from the scene in front of us. I’ve never used speedlights before so it was exciting to see the possibilities they create.

Here are my three favourite shots from the morning. I learnt so much in a matter of hours and it has given me the confidence to stretch myself further this year with my photography. Many thanks to the instructors and to the models who got rather chilly while we stood around in warm coats photographing them!

Driving off into the sunset Mustang Cocktail Flaring

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