Down the Pier

I’m convinced that this year has seen a growth in the number of fishermen (and fisherwomen) hoping to catch their tea off Granton Harbour.  Its lovely to take a stroll and see the mix of people – kids, families and groups of friends – gathered along the pier.

Low Tide in Granton Harbour

It wouldn’t have taken much to interrupt my studying this morning, so when I saw how low the tide was in the harbour in addition to the sea haar, it took me all of three minutes to grab my camera and tripod and head outside. I was hoping to capture some of the mystery created by the …



One of the best sunsets ever tonight over Granton Harbour and the Firth of Forth.  I love my flat and its views! (I haven’t even altered this picture.)

Sailing Dinghy Race

Woke up yesterday, looked out of the window to find about 60 sailing dinghies out in the Firth of Forth. Did a little googling and I think it was a race as part of the East Coast Sailing Week which was running from the Royal Forth Yacht Club at Granton Harbour. The boats looked fantastic, …