One of the best sunsets ever tonight over Granton Harbour and the Firth of Forth.  I love my flat and its views! (I haven’t even altered this picture.)


My mom bought this jug for me – i think its gorgeous. It looks even better when its got some daffodils or tulips in it.  Used it for a bit of still life photography practice tonight & then just edited in iPhoto on the Mac.

Printing Photos

I’ve only recently invested in my fantastic new DSLR camera, but for as long as I can remember I have always had a camera. One of the best bits of photography for me is having the camera filmed developed or the digital images printed. Over the years I’ve made a good few scrapbooks full of …


Sailing Dinghy Race

Woke up yesterday, looked out of the window to find about 60 sailing dinghies out in the Firth of Forth. Did a little googling and I think it was a race as part of the East Coast Sailing Week which was running from the Royal Forth Yacht Club at Granton Harbour. The boats looked fantastic, …