A Bit of Tartan

We recently took a walk along Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.  Having been there previously on numerous occasions, I was on the look out for something slightly different to photograph.  Most people were taking shots of the streetscape or buildings.  I decided to focus the lens on some of the tartan goods for sale.

Festival Goings On

With not much to do with my Saturday afternoon (until 7:10 when the new series of Dr Who started) and the Festival Fringe almost drawing to a close, I decided to take my camera up to the Royal Mile and see what sights I could spot.  I went up to the Royal Mile last year, …


Split second expressions

Whilst on the Royal Mile this weekend, one show’s preview really caught my eye – except I have now forgotten the show’s name.  The performers all looked very striking in their super make-up and costumer.  Here are two of the best: