Exploring Ulva

From where we were staying on Mull, it was only a short drive to the boat over to Ulva. Off we all headed for a lovely walk. For such a small island, there are so many different types of scenery to wend your way through and it was all looking particularly lush and green at …


Early summer evening on Mull

We recently had a short family getaway to Mull. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling 100% so didn’t get out and explore as much as I would have hoped. However, one night the light was gorgeous and I didn’t have to walk far to take this selection of photos.

Mellow Yellow

We had a super weekend in Fife recently – visiting all of the gorgeous coastal villages. Most of the photos were of the family enjoying the beach, but I couldn’t resist publishing his little yellow trio.

Hydrangeas Again

As promised, i’ve been back out with my camera AND a tripod! I’ve done a little more research and suspect this is a lacecap hydrangea, composed of a flat ring of petaled florets that surround a lacy cluster of smaller florets. Apparently, the acidity of the soil has a lot to do with the colour …


Hydrangea at sunset

I just wandered into the garden to cut a few flowers to pop in a vase and brighten up the living room. I hadn’t quite realised how bountiful and bold our hydrangea had become in the last week or so; the one thing that has enjoyed our wet summer! I rushed back out with my …


Nature mends us

I recently came across Emma Mitchell on Twitter and her beautiful book ‘The Wild Remedy’. I’ve not read it all yet, but felt immediately inspired to do get outdoors and take time to observe nature more closely. I love Emma’s style of photographing what she’s found and wanted to give it a go. My opportunity …


North Berwick and Dirleton

We escaped into East Lothian for the weekend and I made the effort to take my camera along. Feel a bit disappointed with the images I captured. Lacked a bit of inspiration, I guess, to see things from a new angle or to spot something worth capturing that a thousand people haven’t already captured. Would …


Tiarella in flower

Popped outside on my lunch break to snap these flowers. I had a quick google, which revealed they are Tiarella (foam flower) and I love seeing them fluttering in the summery breeze.

Canal walk

It’s been a long time since I had my camera out with the hope of pulling a blog post together, but today was a great opportunity to get a few shots when we headed over to the Water of Leith Visitor Centre in Slateford and walked from there along the Union Canal. I loved the …



I’m well overdue getting my camera out to take a few snaps of our new, four-legged family member. She’s a mini goldendoodle and is just over 4 months old now. She’s such a cutie at times and loves a bit of fuss, but I can’t wait for the nipping to stop now!!


I treated myself to a bouquet of flowers to cheer up my home working desk at the start of the new year. It included some lovely roses and lilies, but it was the Antique Carnations that really caught the attention of me and my camera lens. The frilly edges and gorgeous colour transitions were a …


Looking beyond the autumn leaves

We’re all just recovering from coughs and colds, but decided it would do us some good to get out for a walk. I was looking forward to photographing the autumn leaves now that the colours are starting to turn. However, in the end, it was the moss and mushrooms that really caught me eye.

A crisp morning

I’m glad my camera was at hand when we went out for a walk this morning. There must have been a good frost last night and it had barely warmed when we went traipsing through this small, local woodland. The light was gorgeous. I was particularly pleased to spot the seed heads glistening with their …


A Fir Cone?? (Nope, it’s Brunia)

EDIT: I am grateful for a friend who found out that I was photographing dried ‘brunia’. Brunia is a shrub native to the cape region of South Africa. It has white pompom-like flowers. I received a beautiful bouquet of winter flowers at Christmas from my other half. The flowers themselves are now residing in our …


A Flurry of Snow

Our surroundings were once again transformed by a layer of snow this week. Isn’t it fascinating how a layer of the white stuff makes you spot beauty in the ordinary; an unnoticed roof and a hedge that needs a trim.

A Winter’s Morning

I took my camera out to photograph my little one playing in the snow this morning. It didn’t take long for other things to catch my eye. This hellebore started flowering last week. Out the front of the house, the sun was warming up the air and I loved the light catching our wreath and …


Natures Colours

I was sitting and the dining room table this morning, working through some emails. I glanced up and took a moment to really look at the array of colours our autumnal garden was presenting me with. One shrub alone is currently displaying every colour from a vibrant green to a deep red. I went out …


Allium: Fully Open

The wind has been whipping around our back garden for the last two days and I was worried what shape I would find the allium in as we hadn’t attached them to stakes. Well, I needn’t have worried, they’ve used each other as supports and have wrapped their stems together. I popped out to get …


Allium: An Update

Last week I posted the first set of photos of the Allium growing in my garden. I’ve been monitoring them daily and went out again today with my camera and macro lens to capture how they’re developing. To be honest, though, it wasn’t until I sat down and viewed these images on the large computer …



Who doesn’t love an allium? Those impossibly large stems and bold ball-like seedheads are gorgeous. We planted a few bulbs two or three years ago and I am delighted they’ve multiplied in number this year. They’re about to pop open. I’ll have to take some more photos once they are in their full splendor.

An Autumn Afternoon

Keen to make the most of the last of the autumn colours, we donned our walking boots and headed to Roslin. The rain was heavy when we arrived but our patience paid off and the clouds soon blew over so we could set out on our short walk – up to Roslin Castle, through the …



Lyra is a Parson Jack Russell. She belongs to my mom and dad. She’s a cheeky little thing. Whilst not the most willing of photography subjects, I just about managed to catch her attention for long enough to get a few fun shots. “Tickle my belly please”, says Lyra. … I thought we were here …


Escaping along the east coast

August is a fun and busy time in Edinburgh, with the Festival in full swing. However, after battling the crowds on a daily basis, I was more than happy to head out of town when we had visitors last weekend. Newhailes is a National Trust for Scotland property that we’ve been meaning to visit for …


Norwegian Views and Landmarks

Having already uploaded two blog posts about our honeymoon cruising experience and the waterside views, here is my final Norway post. During our cruise, we were able to explore 9 different ports – starting with Stavanger and reaching up to Honningsvåg in the far north, before returning south and ending in Bergen. We saw so much …


At the Water’s Edge

Part 2 of my cruising series of posts and it seems inevitable to focus on the inspiring views we saw along the waterways we visited – particularly the fjords. At times we couldn’t bear to tear our eyes away from the view from our balcony in case the next view was even better than the current …



The land of the midnight sun – our honeymoon destination. The Princess Sapphire cruise ship – our transport mode of choice. Two weeks of relaxation, exploration and fabulous views. We’ve never cruised before, so it was a bit of a risk deciding to spend our honeymoon on a cruise ship for two weeks, but I’m …


Howick Hall Gardens and Arboretum

After a drizzly few days and with the promise of sunshine, Howick Hall Gardens and Arboretum seemed like an ideal destination for an afternoon walk with its lovely mix of formal gardens and woodland (plus the all-important tea room). We easily spent 3 hours exploring, following the paths through the arboretum and snapping away with our cameras.

Over the Causeway

An eerie feel accompanied us as we crossed the causeway from the mainland to Holy Island on a grey and drizzly September morning. Once parked up and waterproof jackets on, we were ready to explore. We headed out to Lindisfarne Castle which is currently closed and undergoing extensive refurbishment. Somehow I think the scaffolding makes …


Alnwick Castle

There are a good few castles to visit on a trip through Northumberland. We’ve previously visited Bamburgh Castle so this time we opted for Alnwick Castle. It holds some impressive celebrity claims to fame – having been used as a set for Harry Potter and Downton Abbey. There are plenty of areas to explore around …


Our Once in a Lifetime Experience

We were super lucky to be selected from the ballot to take part in the Queensferry Crossing Experience this weekend. For those who don’t know, Scotland has a lovely new bridge crossing the Firth of Forth, the Queensferry Crossing. Once it is fully open, it will be part of the motorway network with no access …


Glencorse View

The Pentland Hills are almost on our doorstep and yet we rarely think to head over for a walk. However, I’ve recently spotted a few photos on Twitter showing just how lovely the heather is at the moment – a beautiful array of pinks and purples – so I thought it was time to see …



We have not long returned from a very memorable trip to Copenhagen; what a city! We loved exploring by foot and metro. There is so much to see and do. I loved the mismatched and colourful architecture. It’s a city with style and is well-worth a visit. I’ve selected four of my favourite views from the …


Nairobi Sights

I was very fortunate to be invited to participate in a series of transport workshops in Nairobi, Kenya. What a fantastic opportunity! This was my first visit to Kenya and I certainly enjoyed my time in this bustling, energetic and welcoming city. The hotel gardens were my first introduction to local fauna and flora. I was very …


A nice outing for a new camera

I’ve recently invested in a new, small camera to take on my travels when my DSLR is simply impractical. Today was the first time I’ve taken it out for a test run – to get used to the new controls and see how it fares compared to the DSLR. Our destination: the Secret Herb Garden. …


Wrapped up warm at Attingham Park

We really did need to be wrapped up warm for our walk today around Attingham Park – a National Trust mansion and parkland in Shrewsbury. However, the cold didn’t stop mom and me from getting our cameras out. We started off by walking passed the mansion where I liked the colour and composition of these picnic tables and the grey …


Inspired by Nikon Meetup

I couldn’t quite believe it when I got an email in December telling me that I had been selected in the ballot for a place on Nikon’s Birmingham Meetup. Today was the day of the Meetup and I set off with a sense of anticipation of what the morning would have in store. Would everyone have …


Island Views

A new vista waiting to be photographed around every corner. On Mull we were certainly spoiled for choice for a good landscape; from Calgary in the north, to Tobermory in the east, and Iona in the south west.

Abandoned at Salen

After enjoying our trip to the Outer Hebrides last year, we decided to select another Scottish Island to visit this summer. After investigating our options, we chose the Isle of Mull for a four night trip. Getting some fresh air and taking a batch of good photographs were my two top priorities; the trip did …